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The USS Trigger SS564 was commissioned in 1952 and spent the next 23 years proudly serving this great country of ours. This was the second Submarine to be named Trigger. The first being SS 237 which was lost with all hands (89 men) on March 28, 1945 during a Pacific war patrol.
From 1952 until 1973 several hundred men served onboard and deployed Trigger II on some very memorable operations. Operating out of ports on both coast, Trigger's assignments to name just a few included trips to and under the polar ice cap, three Med trips, one WesPac trip and a couple of North Atlantic and Northern European runs to keep watch on the Kola Peninsula. In 1973 the Trigger was decommissioned and transferred to Italy where she served as the Livio Piomarta S-515 until the Italian Navy put her out of commission and scrapped her in 1986.

This purpose of this web site is to revive the shipmate camaraderie, memories of great times, scary moments and everyday life of serving aboard a diesel submarine. Our Trigger service ended anywhere from 38 to 59 years ago, but the time just seems to melt away at the sight of an old shipmate or the sound of  his voice over the phone. This was very evident at our first reunion during September of 2004 in Charleston, SC. With the exception of some grey hair, in some cases less hair and slightly larger waist lines, we all reverted back to a time "that was" "and it felt great". You will need to bookmark this web site and check back often, because it will be added to and updated.

If you are a Trigger crew member and this is your first visit, please e-mail Wayne Standerfer and include your contact information. This will enable us to keep you updated on future Trigger activities.

Any Questions please E-mail or contact Wayne Standerfer

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