How to play baccarat


How to play baccarat Casinos can play faster, more value, more secure from our website.

How to play baccarat

How to play baccarat Baccarat is a card game. And the game is very similar to bouncing But it only has a different way of playing it. The word baccarat is a word that has its roots in two countries. Italy and France And it means zero points or they are called Baccarat.

How to play baccarat

Or to mean that the most valuable point on the face of the card. From our study of the data, it also makes us know that Baccarat is born from the concept of the Italian people. And it got the idea from Ancient ritual Which means that searching for a young woman in order to continue to take up the clergy position in religion

And it was born for more than 1500 BC Which the method of guessing is To have the girl chosen to roll the dice Anyone who earns points of 8-9, they will be worshiped as gods.

If pitching 6-7 will not be chosen and if pitching 4-5 will cause him to end his life. It made us know that Baccarat has a very long history. Because of the past that Baccarat was born to this day for 3,518 years.
Rules for playing baccarat online

baccarat online

  1. Card deal
    Then it has its specifications Because in playing, but at that time The dealer will deal cards only on both sides. Is the banker’s side and the player’s side that you can bet on But each side will receive two equal cards when you have received two cards That you will be able to obtain a 3rd certificate, it also has conditions.
  1. Counting points
    Counting the points of Baccarat is very easy just because of you. See from the face of the cards that you have received The number of points for each card corresponds to the face of the card, but if A is counted as 1 point, and if it is in English, such as J, Q, K, it will be counted as 0 points. Anyone who has a score close to 9 Ultimately will win
  1. Deduction
    Deductions in that game can be deducted in two ways. That is a 5% deduction and no deduction. The 5% deduction will occur when you then bet on the banker’s own side. And not deducting money That is, then you bet on the player’s side.


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